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Syrian Refugees’ Access to Drinking Water & Stable Power

The Spanish company GFM Fotovoltaica installed the first solar-powered atmospheric water generator (AWG) in Jordan in August 2021. The project was implemented by GFM’s engineering team in collaboration with the NGO Rescate and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

Jordan currently hosts millions of refugees that are fleeing from different conflicts in the region. The increasing migration flows has meant that Jordanian population rises, which causes social and economic tensions due to overpopulation. One consequence of these tensions was observed in a Tawasul communitary centre (Mugayyir Al-Sarhan, Jordan), where the rising population increased remarkably drinking water and electricity needs.

In August 2021, GFM Fotovoltaica and Rescate commenced the installation of the project ‘’Access to drinking water and social cohesion’’ consisting of a solar-powered AWG for drinking water provision in one of the driest places of the world. The PV generation was mainly employed in the operation of the water generator. Excess power will be used by the building loads or inject into the grid to reduce electricity bills.

The proposed system was 10 kW solar modules solution connected to an AWG. The solar panels were installed on the building roof oriented to the south. No civil works were required such as drilling or sawing, since the water was produced through air condensation through refrigeration. Consequently, as relative humidity rises, the level of water production increased too. The electricity and water production expectation are 48 kWh/day and 200 litres/day. The level of water and electricity production will be visualised via a remote monitoring system, allowing round the clock performance checks.

During the installation, the GFM team organised a training course for the building maintenance on sizing, installation and maintenance needed in PV systems. The aim is to ensure an adequate use and maintenance of the system in the future.

GFM Fotovoltaica is willing to keep supporting power projects with the most advanced solar-hybrid solutions in terms of technology and performance. Furthermore, our company is certified in accordance with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and SA8000. Our expertise is assured with more than 20 years in renewable sector, transforming lack of power into trustworthy and uninterruptible electricity.

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