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Our story

Generaciones Fotovoltaicas de La Mancha SL.

Located on Las Cabezas 16, Villacañas (Toledo), on a perfect strategic location in the center of Spain that is able to cover the entire peninsula without any problem. Our solar roof with more than 350kW of installed photovoltaic power, makes that in our laboratory we can test, develop and produce very advanced solutions. We have more than 3200m2 of facilities and our offices are eco-efficient, having a solar pergola that feeds a charger of Electric Vehicles with capacity of 50 kW, and our fleet of electric and LPG vehicles with their own charger and dispenser helping us to respect the environment


Founded in the year 2000

Pioneer Spanish Company in renewable energies

Initially GEA in the wind sector and later GFM in the solar sector

1.100.000 of Capital stock

GFM has developed completely large solar parks and has a large financial capacity to tackle new projects

More than 200 installations carried out

Satisfied customers. From previous analysis and customer advice to after-sales service, GFM has always been and will always be at the customer’s side

High qualification

Our experts team is highly qualified

With more than 10 years of experience doing all kinds of projects in solar energy, continuous product development and innovating in our laboratory

Our team

At GFM we have a highly qualified and experienced team working in the development of the most efficient renewable energy products and solutions.
The customer is always at the heart of our studies and development. For this reason, our teams are continuously creating customized solutions for each type of situation and customer .
Within our more than 25 employees, most are experienced engineers in consulting and engineering projects both nationally and internationally.

Our management team

Javier Bustos
Francisco Comendador
Vicente Maqueda
Luis Martin
Teresa Tarjuelo

GFM Campus.

One of our main objectives is to raise social awareness about the importance of using renewable energy to fight climate change and energy poverty. We believe that one way to do this is to make available to our clients, both external and internal, all our knowledge and experience achieved in our 20 years of experience in the sector. .

The content provided are real cases of installation, repair of equipment and operation and maintenance of solar plants.
These may be:
Grid-connected / Grid-connected with batteries / Insulated / Hybrid and Solar Pumping
The methodology used in these training sessions is “Found Finding”. Direct training in solving real problems is one of the most important parts of the courses, so that the transfer of .

Work with us

At GFM we are committed to a qualified team to help us achieve the proposed goals in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. We are a company that complies with Corporate Social Responsibility which means that our employees have fair working conditions and all the necessary means to develop their work in a comfortable and efficient way


Our commitment

We have a commitment to our employees. We care about their well-being and development for them to give the best of themselves both at a personal and professional level.

We are looking for talent

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate or a professional with years of experience, we have challenges adapted to every moment of your professional career. Find some opportunities that you can take to keep growing.

We offer

Training, development and opportunities for professional growth in a sector where more and more qualified professionals are needed every day.