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Electric Mobility

Charger Electric Vehicle

Join the electric mobility

Are you thinking of switching to electric mobility?

From GFM we offer you all the possible solutions to generate the energy that your vehicle, those of your company or your customers need, powered by the electrical grid or by photovoltaic solar energy.

We offer sustainable recharging points. These are turnkey projects where you only care about putting the space for your installation and from GFM we will take care of offering you a service of advice, accompaniment and complete installation.

Thus, at GFM, we are clearly committed to making electric recharging points powered by renewable energies, as a good solution to save by self-consumption, a fact that allows to improve the overall energy efficiency of your company or home.


Increase profitability in your home or in your business, reducing consumption and maintenance of your electric cars


Our sustainable recharging points will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions


The charging point can complete your home or industrial self-consumption installation, so that the vehicle charger is powered by the photovoltaic energy produced

Switch to Green savings