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You decide when to switch to self-consumption

Residential self-consumption

Quality comes first

Producing clean energy from the sun is easy with GFM. All our residential self-consumption projects have high quality materials and proven reliability in the field, as well as certified professional engineers, technicians and installers. In addition, we have a maintenance service to extend the useful life of the solar panels of your house.


Sell the energy you don’t use

Your electrical trader is required to compensate you for your non-self-consuming surpluses. You can work with any trader, find out who gives you the best conditions .

Our photovoltaic installations include everything you need.

We offer our customers turnkey, cost-effective and fully legalized self-consumption systems. The smartest way to consume your energy, free, clean and inexhaustible. Because with GFM Photovoltaic, switching to solar energy is doing it in the most efficient way.